Making Your Holiday Home in Scotland Homely

Everyone wants to put their stamp on their home to make it homely and that should be no different with your holiday home in Scotland.

After a long week and in need of a well-deserved break you want to arrive at your caravan, step inside and it welcome you like a big hug that is warm and comforting and adding your own little touches can really help achieve this.

Whether you are already an owner or are thinking of becoming one, we thought we would put together a nice little guide to help you make your holiday home even more homely.


Add a bit of colour

Whatever your favourite colours may be, you can add a splash of it into your holiday home. This could be done by some nice wallpaper or a lick of paint on the walls. You could go for something warm and soothing or a feature wall that packs a punch.



Add some nice thick curtains throughout that matches your colour theme for that room. Not only do they look nice and frame your window, they also keep the light out, help keep the room warm, add a splash of colour, and the feeling you get when you open them in the morning and see the beauty of Gareloch before you is priceless!



Nothing says homely, more than a thick fluffy rug in your lounge. It creates a snug warm feeling and can also reduce noise, and if you’re not wanting to decorate the walls, a rug can be a terrific way of injecting some colour.



Having mirrors on the walls is a brilliant and easy way to increase the sense of space in your caravan. It also enhances the light making the room brighter.



Lamps are fantastic for giving a homely feel. Turning off the main lights and popping on the lamp in the evening while you snuggle up and watch a film or read a book makes for a lovely, relaxing ambience.



Having a few games in your caravan can make for fun filled games nights and encourages some quality family time, unless you have any bad losers amongst you that is!


Radio/Bluetooth Speaker

Listen to some of your favourite tunes while cooking up a tasty meal in your kitchen or relaxing looking out over the Loch. Not too loud though, as we don’t want any annoyed neighbours banging on your door!


Other bits and bobs can include cushions, bedding, DVD library, pictures of family or artwork, and not forgetting your favourite mug for a nice cuppa.

So, lots of great ideas to really make you feel at home in your holiday home in Scotland.

You won’t want to leave and will be counting down the days until you return!


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